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Welcome to one of the largest ranges of domestic and commercial safes in Oxfordshire. We work hard to ensure that we deliver good quality products at great prices and have selected some of the most trusted suppliers of safes from around the UK – so you’re guaranteed great choice and great products. 

We have safes for both commercial and domestic applications and all models comply with the UK insurance industry to ensure your valuables are protected.

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Which safe is right for you?

We stock a wide variety of safes including wall safes, underfloor safes, safe deposit boxes, strong rooms, gun cabinets, storage cabinets and bespoke safe solutions so choosing the right type of safe can sometimes be difficult. Our experts are always on hand to advise on which safe would best fit your needs and we've also put together these quick questions to help guide you through the process of how to choose the right safe:
  • Size – W x H x D
  • what do you want to store in your safe?
  • where will you want to put it, for example, will you want a wall safe, a floor safe, or a freestanding one?
  • what’s the maximum weight your home or office can take?

A Security or Cash Safe is ideal for storing money, jewellery and similar valuables. These safes protect against theft and are usually gauged by the manufacturer Cash Rating. A safe’s Cash Rating is determined by its build quality. The higher this is, the more secure the safe.

Want to protect your paper documents against fire damage? Go for a Fire Safe. This protects against fire, as long as the safe’s internal temperature doesn’t exceed 177°C, which is the approximate combustible temperature of paper.

A Data safe is ideal for storing computer media such as disks and cassettes. It gives a high level of protection against fire, as long as the safe’s internal temperature doesn’t exceed 52°C, which is the approximate combustible temperature of plastic.

A Cash Rating indicates a safe’s security level, and the highest amount of money that should be kept in it. It’s determined by door and wall thickness, lock types used and the safe’s general build quality. Insurance cover can vary depending on your location, and may be higher or lower than the manufacturer’s recommended Cash Rating. Check with your insurer for exact ratings. The higher the rating, the more secure the safe.

Yes. All freestanding security safes come with pre-drilled bolt down holes and bolting hardware. Most fire safes can’t be bolted to the floor though, as any holes would breach the fire-resistant barrier. Some fire safes have specially designed and patented base fixing trays to overcome this problem.

When you stand facing the door and the hinges are on the right, the door is right-handed. If they’re on the left, the door is left-handed.

Our safe manufacturers include: