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Scalable Access
Control Solutions
The SALTO Virtual Network is ideal for
spreading across large areas such as campuses,
or even multiple locations.
SALTO Virtual Network
The SALTO Virtual Network offers a superb security solution which expands with your business
SALTO Virtual Network - Unrivalled Expansion
If you are looking for a highly flexible security solution which can expand as your business grows, the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) offers the ultimate, flexible security solution. The SVN access control solution enables a single system to grow from a very small number of doors to a large number of doors and users as and when it is required.

The SVN does not need to be connected to a wired, infrared or WiFi communication- instead, the SVN data flow is stored on the 'intelligent' RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) key. Using a two-way communication method between the key and reader, the SVN will actively transport all the necessary data through offline readers, automatically updating the online readers simultaneously.

The SALTO Virtual Network is ideal for use in larger areas such as campuses, or even across various locations.

"The SVN utilises a unique combination of card readers to eliminate the need to install costly infrastructure"
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Moreover, the SALTO Virtual Network can incorporate data 'Hot Spots' in high traffic locations which are designed to send data to the keys which update the user, staff and even contractor access information which can be transmitted to the off-line readers as soon as they are in use.
Locksmith Oxford Less costly than hard-wired systems
Emergency Locksmith Oxford Fast installation, outstanding performance
Locksmith Services Oxford Unlimited audit trail capability
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